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Turning Centers - CNC Lathes

Haas SL-10, Never Used, 16.25" swing, 16.5" centers, 2.3" bore, 6000 rpm,15 hp, 12 pos trt. This machine is Brand New, Been in storage since new still in original packing and original cosmoline on it.  Specs and Photo's

Haas SL-30BB Live Tooling, 2007, 30" swing, 39" centers, 4.62" bore, 2400 rpm, 40 hp, tailstock, 12 pos turret, 15" chuck, Live Tooling   Specs and Photo's

Haas SL-30T, 2005, 30" swing, 39" centers, 3.5" bore, 30 hp, 12 pos trt, 10" chk, tailstock, auger  Specs and Photo's

Haas ST-30BB, 2012, 31.75" swing, 26" centers, 4.62" bore, 2400 rpm, 30 hp, A2-8, 12 pos trt, Gearbox, Tool Presetter, Tailstock, HIL, Chip Conv, 12" chk.  Specs and Photo's

Haas ST-30SSY, 2014, 31.75" Swg, 26" centers, 3.5" bore, 4500 rpm, 30 hp, Y-Axis, live tooling, Parts Catcher  Specs and Photo's

Haas ST-30Y, 2011, 31.75 swg, 30" centers, 3.5" bore, 3400 rpm, 30 hp, 12 pos trt, Y-axis, Live tooling, Gearbox, Work Guaging Probe, Tool Presetter, Tailstock, Chip Conv, Parts Catcher, HIL  Specs and Photo's

Haas TL-3B, 2013, 30" Swing, 60" centers, 8.5" bore, 30 hp, A2-15 spdl nose, Tool Post, 25" Chk  Specs and Photo's

Horizontal Machining Centers - HMC

Haas EC-1600, 2008, X-64" Y-40" Z-32", 10,000 rpm, 30 hp, 50 Taper, 50+1 sidemount ATC, Built-in 4th axis, HRT310 CNC Rotary Table for 5th-Axis, TSC, Full enclosure. Loaded with options  Specs and Photo's

Mazak H-1000, 1989, (2) 39.4" Pallets, X-64.6" Y-48" Z-39.4", 4000 rpm, 40 hp, CAT 50 Taper, 4-Axis  Specs and Photo's

Vertical Machining Centers - CNC Mills

Femco VMC-1166A, 2008, Fanuc 0i-MC, X-50" Y-30" Z-25", 8000 rpm, 20 hp, 24 atc, 40 taper, Coolant Thru Spindle  Specs and Photo's

Haas VF-2SS, 2014, X-30" Y-16" Z-20", 12000 rpm, 30 hp, 24+1 sidemount atc, chip auger, HRT-210 4th-axis Rotary table  Specs and Photo's

Haas VF-3B, 2012, X-40" Y-20" Z-25", 8100 rpm, 20 hp, Gearbox, 24+1 Sidemount-ATC, auger, 4th-axis ready, Macros, Pcool, RJH, IPS  Specs and Photo's

Haas VF-3B, 1999, X-40" Y-20" Z-25", 7500 rpm, 20 hp, 20 atc, Coolant Thru Spindle, Macros, Rigid Tap, 1MB Memory, Floppy, Quick Code, RMJ, Chip Conv, 4th-Drive, Gearbox   Specs and Photo's

Haas VF-8/50 Taper, 2008, X-64" Y-40" Z-30", 50 Taper, 7500 rpm, 30 hp, 30+1 ATC, 4th ready, Coolant thru spindle, IPS, Coord Rot Scaling, Spdl Orient, Macros, RJH, HIL, Wireless Probing, VQC, Pcool, Aux Coolant Filter, Rigid Tap  Specs and Photo's

Haas TM-2P, 2012, X-40" Y-16" Z-16", 7.5 hp, 6000 rpm, 20 atc, 4th-axis ready, Auger, P-cool, Rigid Tap, RJH  Specs and Photo's

Milltronics RW15, 2010, 8200 CNC Control, X-25" Y-15" Z-20.5", 8000 rpm, 18/12 hp, 16 atc, Software Package A, Convenience Package B, Performance Package C, High Speed Large Program Package D  Specs and Photo's

Milltronics RW20, 2010, 7200 CNC Control, X-25" Y-20" Z-20.5", 8000 rpm, 18/12 hp, 16 position side mount ATC, Software Package A, Convenience Package B, Performance Package C  Specs and Photo's

Haas CNC Rotary Tables

Haas HRTA6, 2014 and never used, A1-6 spindle nose  Specs and Photo's

Haas HRT210B, 2012, 8.3" diameter  Specs and Photo's

Saws - Cutting

W.F. Wells W-9-1, Horiz Band Saw, 9" x 17" capacity  Specs and Photo's

Kaltenbach SKL-400NA, 1995, Capacity: 5.12" round, 4.75" square, 2" x 12" Rect, 15.75" diameter blade  Specs and Photo's


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Haas SL-10 SL-30T SL-30BB Live Tooling ST-30BB ST-30SSY ST-30Y TL-3B Big Bore. Haas EC-1600 5-Axis. Mazak H1000, Haas VF-2SS, VF-3, VF-3B, TM-2P, VF-8, VF-8/50, Femco VMC-1166A, Milltronics RW15, RW20, W.F. Wells W-9-1 Kaltenbach SKL-400NA, Haas HRTA6 Rotary Table, HRT-210B, HRT210