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Turning Centers - CNC Lathes


Haas SL-30T, 2005, 30" swing, 39" centers, 3.5" bore, 30 hp, 12 pos trt, 10" chk, tailstock, auger  Specs and Photo's

Haas SL-30B Big Bore Live Tooling, 2007, 30" swing, 39" centers, 4.62" bore, 2400 rpm, 40 hp, tailstock, 12 pos turret, 15" chuck, Live Tooling   Specs and Photo's

Haas ST-25Y, 2014, 31.75" swg, 21" centers, 3.5" bore, 3400 rpm, 30 hp, 12 pos trt, 10" chuck, Y-Axis Live Tooling, tool presetter, chip conveyor, parts catcher, tailstock, ethernet, intuitive prog system, auto jet air blast  Specs and Photo's

Haas ST-30BB, 2012, 31.75" swing, 26" centers, 4.62" bore, 2400 rpm, 30 hp, A2-8, 12 pos trt, Gearbox, Tool Presetter, Tailstock, HIL, Chip Conv, 12" chk.  Specs and Photo's

Haas ST-30SSY, 2014, 31.75" Swg, 26" centers, 3.5" bore, 4500 rpm, 30 hp, Y-Axis, live tooling, Parts Catcher  Specs and Photo's

Haas ST-30Y, 2011, 31.75 swg, 30" centers, 3.5" bore, 3400 rpm, 30 hp, 12 pos trt, Y-axis, Live tooling, Gearbox, Work Guaging Probe, Tool Presetter, Tailstock, Chip Conv, Parts Catcher, HIL  Specs and Photo's

Haas TL-3B, 2013, 30" Swing, 60" centers, 8.5" bore, 30 hp, A2-15 spdl nose, Tool Post, 25" Chk  Specs and Photo's

Horizontal Machining Centers - HMC

Haas EC-1600 5-Axis, 2008, X-64" Y-40" Z-32", 10,000 rpm, 30 hp, 50 Taper, 50+1 sidemount ATC, Built-in 4th axis, HRT310 CNC Rotary Table for 5th-Axis, TSC, Full enclosure. Loaded with options  Specs and Photo's

Mazak H-1000, 1989, (2) 39.4" Pallets, X-64.6" Y-48" Z-39.4", 4000 rpm, 40 hp, CAT 50 Taper, 4-Axis  Specs and Photo's

Vertical Machining Centers - CNC Mills

Femco VMC-1166A, 2008, Fanuc 0i-MC, X-50" Y-30" Z-25", 8000 rpm, 20 hp, 24 atc, 40 taper, Coolant Thru Spindle  Specs and Photo's

Haas VF-3B, 2012, X-40" Y-20" Z-25", 8100 rpm, 20 hp, Gearbox, 24+1 Sidemount-ATC, auger, 4th-axis ready, Macros, Pcool, RJH, IPS  Specs and Photo's

Haas VF-3B, 1999, X-40" Y-20" Z-25", 7500 rpm, 20 hp, 20 atc, Coolant Thru Spindle, Macros, Rigid Tap, 1MB Memory, Floppy, Quick Code, RMJ, Chip Conv, 4th-Drive, Gearbox   Specs and Photo's

Haas VF-6/50TR, 5-Axis Trunion Bed, X-64" Y-32" Z-30, 7500 rpm, 30 hp, 50 taper, 8" Riser, HiL, Probing, 40 GB Hard Drive, Enet, USB, RMJ, Auger, Pcool, VQC, Hi Speed Machining, Rigid Tap   Specs and Photo's

 Haas VF-8/50 Taper, 2008, X-64" Y-40" Z-30", 50 Taper, 7500 rpm, 30 hp, 30+1 ATC, 4th ready, Coolant thru spindle, IPS, Coord Rot Scaling, Spdl Orient, Macros, RJH, HIL, Wireless Probing, VQC, Pcool, Aux Coolant Filter, Rigid Tap  Specs and Photo's

Haas TM-2P, 2012, X-40" Y-16" Z-16", 7.5 hp, 6000 rpm, 20 atc, 4th-axis ready, Auger, P-cool, Rigid Tap, RJH  Specs and Photo's

Milltronics RW15, 2010, 8200 CNC Control, X-25" Y-15" Z-20.5", 8000 rpm, 18/12 hp, 16 atc, Software Package A, Convenience Package B, Performance Package C, High Speed Large Program Package D  Specs and Photo's

Milltronics RW20, 2010, 7200 CNC Control, X-25" Y-20" Z-20.5", 8000 rpm, 18/12 hp, 16 position side mount ATC, Software Package A, Convenience Package B, Performance Package C  Specs and Photo's

Haas CNC Rotary Tables

Haas HRTA6, 2014 and never used, A1-6 spindle nose  Specs and Photo's

Haas HRT210B, 2012, 8.3" diameter  Specs and Photo's

Saws - Cutting

W.F. Wells W-9-1, Horiz Band Saw, 9" x 17" capacity  Specs and Photo's

Kaltenbach SKL-400NA, 1995, Capacity: 5.12" round, 4.75" square, 2" x 12" Rect, 15.75" diameter blade  Specs and Photo's


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Haas SL SL-30T SL-30BB Live Tooling ST-30BB ST-30SSY ST-30Y TL-3B Big Bore. Haas EC-1600 5-Axis. Mazak H1000, Haas VF-2SS, VF-3, VF-3B, TM-2P, VF-8, VF-8/50, Femco VMC-1166A, Milltronics RW15, RW20, RW-15, RW-20, W.F. Wells W-9-1 Kaltenbach SKL-400NA, Haas HRTA6 Rotary Table, HRT-210B, HRT210